Paleo Potato Substitute

Paleo Potato Substitute

What are you going to use as your paleo potato substitute? If you are going to be strict with your Paleo diet then potatoes are going to be one of the things you will be doing without from now on. As for many people this is a staple in their diet, something needs to be put in their place.

There are several foods that you can use as a paleo potato substitute. Sometimes you just need to substitute the texture, while there are times that taste is also important.

Paleo Potato Substitute

paleo potato substitutePerhaps we should also look at why potatoes are not allowed on the paleo diet. The main problem with potatoes is the high estimated glycemic load that are associated with them. The paleo diet works on the principal of eating low glycemic foods. A low glycemic food is not going to raise the blood sugar  or insulin levels in the body in the way high glycemic foods do.

As well as reducing the risk of heart attacks and type 2 diabetes, it also reduces the risk of other health problems. This all adds to why you feel better when on the paleo diet.

Paleo Potato Substitute

There are several vegetables that you can use in place of potatoes that will give you a similar texture, but when it comes to taste it is a different matter. Many root vegetables can be roasted and used in place of the potato. Carrots and parsnips are excellent for roasting and will help fill the plate up. Butternut squash is a good substitute for potato in a stew. It has the texture and keeps it’s shape when being cooked for a long time.

Swede, carrot and parsnips cooked and mashed together can be used as a potato topping substitute on some savory dishes. While the flavor is quite different it will make an acceptable and healthy substitute.

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