Paleo On A Budget

Paleo On A Budget

paleo on a budgetCan you do paleo on a budget? Of course you can! yes it is possible and even probable that you will spend more on the weekly shop when you go paleo that you were before. You are now buying foods of all types that are more labor intensive and give less yield per acre. As a consequence of this the food products are higher priced than those with all the artificial nutrients that give a higher yield per acre.

So it is time to look at where and how savings can be made. We want to keep to the paleo path and so we want to buy organic fruit and vegetables and meat from grass fed animals.

Paleo On A Budget

One of the first things to look at is buying ingredients and not ready made products. Yes this means a little more work in the kitchen but a far better price for the product overall. If you want paleo on a budget then drop the convenience foods and get back in the kitchen.

For a start you can source all the ingredients at the best price. You know all your ingredients are fresh and you know they have had nothing added during the cooking process. The more food you cook yourself the more money you will be saving.

By using different cooking techniques to the norm you can use cheaper cuts of meat. These cuts are no less flavorsome nor do they contain less protein, they just take a different way to cook them. By using a slow cooker you can take the cheaper and less tender cuts of meat and make them as tender as the more expensive cuts just by cooking them slowly.

Paleo On A Budget

Get to know what fruits are in season and consequently much cheaper as there is usually a glut of them. Use these ingredients to make really fresh meals. There is no reason why you should not make up extra quantities and freeze them for later in the year when they will be in short supply.

Do not turn your back on frozen vegetables. These are often a lot more fresh than the fresh vegetables on the shelves at the grocery store or market.

Buy in bulk where you can. If you have friends or neighbors then get them to go in a co-op with you.

Can we do paleo on a budget? Yes we certainly can!!

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