Why Does Paleo Get A Bad Press?

Why Does Paleo Get A Bad Press

why does paleo get a bad pressWhy does paleo get a bad press? Just what have the press got against paleo? Two questions that I think are interlinked!

Why do I think they are interlinked?

Well having done a little research into the agriculture industry, my thoughts are it is an industry that cannot survive without government money. All the major countries in the western world are reliant on government subsidies to keep their agriculture policies alive.

Why Does Paleo Get A Bad Press

There will always be those who will knock anything that is different, especially if it looks like it will be in any way successful and they are not involved in it. So why does paleo get a bad press?

We have Governments around the world that are pouring millions if not billions of dollars into their agricultural subsidies in one way or another. Then along comes these people who are trying to persuade others that some of the foods they are eating are not good for them and in some cases are doing them harm.

What foods you may ask? Well paleo generally disagrees with the use of dairy products and also products made from or containing crop based foods. (wheat , barley, corn etc.). They also suggest you don’t use vegetable oils or legumes.

Why Does Paleo Get A Bad Press

Now of course this is going to effect the whole agriculture policy. Those of us who follow the paleo way of life are looking on those billions of dollars in subsidy’s as a waste of money. Looking at it from the other point of view, if the majority were to start eating paleo then there would not be the call for the foods we are eating now. The problem with this would be rather a lot of unemployment. Arable farming would disappear along with dairy farming in its current form. All farming would be directed at meat production along with fruit and nut orchards.

Why does paleo get a bad press? I believe this is one of the biggest reasons for the bad press. Newspapers are run to a certain degree by their advertisers and to a lesser degree by government controls. Paleo in its current form is not a big enough advertiser to control what goes in the newspapers and the governments don’t want to be proved wrong in their subsidy programs.

Hence the powers that are in control are always going to decry paleo as bad for you because it goes against their interest. Government bodies do not want to look as stupid as they really are and so will do all in their power to state the bad things in paleo.


The minority that believe in paleo and try to get the word out about the good it does you are always going to be shouted down by those in power. Remember those in power don’t give a damn about your health only in whether they can count on your vote. Where the food suppliers are concerned they can not afford to loose a lot of income because they are promoting the wrong foods. All you can do is believe what your own proof shows you. Try paleo and if you like it and it does you good then keep with it.

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