Trouble Sleeping?

You Having Trouble Sleeping?

 Are you having trouble sleeping? When you are reasonably new to Paleo you may find yourself eating at inappropriate times mainly by snacking or possibly eating the wrong foods for the time of day.

are you having trouble sleepingIt is very easy to find yourself snacking because your body hasn’t become accustomed to the different food regime it is now following. Perhaps your portion sizes are different as you have not yet got used to the new regime. But this is one of the places that should not be ignored if your sleep pattern has changed.

Are You Having Trouble Sleeping?

A major cause in the change of a sleep pattern can be caused by the food you eat. There are some foods that cause your digestive system to be too busy for the rest of the body to switch off and allow the sleep pattern to take over.

Sleep is very necessary to us all and although some survive on less sleep than others you have to remember that when we are at rest and sleeping our body is repairing and rejuvenating itself ready to cope with the stresses and strains of the next day.

Remember the old saying ‘you are what you eat’. So you do not want to be eating anything which may upset your sleep pattern late in the evening. One food type you need to avoid is carbs. Carbs will trigger an insulin release which will stop the body from burning the fat you have. You do not want this to happen as the metabolism naturally slows during the evening.

Are You Having Trouble Sleeping?

When you have the munchies late in the evening try and choose a slow digesting protein such as turkey or chicken. These will not cause the release of insulin. Eating nuts  which have healthy fats will slow gastric emptying while increasing the feeling of fullness.

Are you having trouble sleeping, take a good look at your diet. Eating the right Paleo foods in the evening can help you get a far better sleep pattern.

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