Paleo Way Of Life

Paleo Way Of Life

While there are many websites extolling the virtue of the Paleolithic diet here we have the Paleo way of life.

paleo way of lifeWritten to complement the Paleolithic way of life it also looks objectively at the Paleo diet. Perhaps it should be said from the start that the Paleolithic diet is also known as the Caveman diet. These terms are interchangeable along with the shortened term of Paleo.

Why is the Paleolithic diet important enough to be considered newsworthy?

There are reports from various quarters about the effect or lack of effect the Paleo diet has. Some of this is because of the possible financial effects that could be felt by the agricultural and dairy farming industry, but we are talking about the Paleo way of life.

For those that are still not aware of what the Paleo diet is, there is a conformity between those who live  the Paleo way of life to generally avoid all foods that were not available when our Paleolithic ancestors were alive. This means dairy and most of the crops grown on farms are not suitable for consumption by Paleo Diet followers although there are those who do succumb to some dairy products.

I can see the reasoning behind the Paleo way of life and I think it is important that the message about the Paleo way of life is put out far and wide to allow people to make their own decisions on its benefits.

It is called a diet but not in the sense of a weight loss diet, more because you are changing your dietary intake. Yes you will probably lose weight if you are above your optimal weight but this is a by product of what you are eating and not the reason to eat and live the Paleo lifestyle.

The Paleo lifestyle is suitable for virtually all irrespective of illnesses such as diabetes. The lifestyle advocates a high protein and low calorie intake, but it is not as some say, a high meat consumption diet. There are enough food groups in the diet to give vegetarians or vegans a healthy diet.

The paleo way of life is advocated because it gives a very healthy way to live. Yes there will be some who cannot tolerate some of the foods but overall you get a very healthy diet by following the Paleo way of life. Some high energy sports people may have to take some extra sustenance when they are doing extreme sports, but the normal sportsperson will have adequate supplies from the standard Paleolithic diet.

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