Paleo Mind Over Matter

Paleo Mind Over Matter

paleo mind over matter Paleo mind over matter. Why do I think it is important? Most people when they are talking about Paleo, are only thinking of the external effects that the Paleo diet has on them. They talk about how they are feeling physically and then also about any relevance of weight loss, skin, muscles and energy. I say relevance because there comes a time when you reach your ideal weight and so weight loss is no longer one of your main concerns.

Have you ever stopped to think about the mental effects it is having? Are our stress levels being effected? Is there anything else we could be doing to improve things?

Paleo is a way of life. It is not some fad diet dreamt up by someone, (with or without any qualifications to do so). It is something our ancient ancestors did automatically.

 Paleo Mind Over Matter

We are so tied up in the modern way of living that many do not consider the effects on their mind until something happens that forces them to take a new look at what they are doing and why.

We do not set aside time to relax and nurture our mind, instead we are too busy with living our life.

Sometimes we don’t even listen to our body when it tells us things are not right.

Long gone are the times when everybody sat around the fire, singing, chanting and listening to the elders as they imparted their wisdom on the younger members.

If you are truly Paleo then you should be using your mind both by giving advice and listening to others who may be wiser.

It is time to take a lot more care of your mind. While you may be feeling good in yourself, how is your mind. Are you really happy or are you just putting on a brave face?


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