Paleo Meal Plan

Paleo Meal Plan

 While you are getting used to the Paleo diet you need to make yourself a weekly or monthly meal plan. That way you will be able to make your grocery list and buy all your groceries with just one trip to the grocery store.

There are a great variety of recipes available on the internet and there are many recipe books available. You can of course also devise your own recipes, just remember to use only paleo ingredients and you will be staying true to your diet.

A paleo meal plan will help you plan your meals for the future and will help you in the grocery store.  You will need to make yourself aware of where some of the foods are available from. Not all grocery stores will carry all of the foods you need to stay paleo.

Paleo Meal Plan

My paleo meal plan helps me to work out where I need to be going to buy some of the new foods I am now eating. I can now make lists for the different stores or order from the internet when I can not easily buy some of the foods in my local area.

A word of warning here! If you are using the internet make sure you check out several of the stores offering the goods you would like to buy. Do not forget to add on the delivery costs, (if there are any), before you decide where to buy the products. Most of the paleo meal plancompanies I have come across charge for delivery so you don’t want to be going to a lot of internet stores. When you take the charges into consideration it is sometimes paying a little more for some of your groceries as it will keep the overall bill down.

As time goes by you may feel you can manage without a paleo meal plan, but I have found it to be an excellent help in my planning with shopping both on and off the internet.

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