Paleo Lunch Ideas

Paleo Lunch Ideas

There are many ideas available for what you are going to eat for lunch. One of the biggest problems is whether you have the facilities available to you if you are a working person. Not all places of work have the facilities you may need to have your favorite Paleo lunch.

For Paleo lunch ideas you need to think of not only what you like to eat but also what facilities you will have to prepare your chosen lunch. As the normal sandwich is no longer on the menu we have to think of things that are quick and easy to prepare but  are also full of protein to keep us going through the day.

Some of my Paleo lunch ideas include Paleo scotch eggs, eggs in blankets, and devilled eggs. Of course you can always have a salad and add flavor with a Paleo salad dressing. Why not look for alternatives that you can use in place of bread or a traditional wrap. Wrap some crudities in a slice of beef, ham or other meat of your choice. Use a lettuce leaf as your bread or wrap and accompany with one of the many dips you can make.

Paleo lunch ideas can come from many places including the recesses of your mind. With Paleo we just need to use foods that are allowed on the paleo diet. Think outside the box and try some of your favorite food combinations along with some new ones.

How about using grilled aubergine (or eggplant if you are American) as the bread of your sandwich and finding a  filling you like to put in it. Another favorite is bacon and avocado sandwich using the bacon as the bread and then mashing up some avocado as the filling. You could have several variations of this by using different herbs and spices with the avocado for a change of flavor.

Do not rely on the cook books  quite as much and experiment with different  food combinations. Remember to use all those foods  that the family members like as long as they are Paleo friendly.

Many of these Paleo lunch ideas will fit into a lunch box for the children to take to school. Don’t forget all the fresh fruits you can mix together for those who have a sweet tooth or just like some fruit as part of their lunch.

Paleo Lunch Ideas

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