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It would appear that no matter which way you turn there is someone rubbishing the diet or way of life that you are following.

It doesn’t seem to matter what lifestyle you are following there is a scientific fact to prove there are problems with that lifestyle.

Now lets face it if we followed all the science there is around we wouldn’t eat, drink or even breathe because of the harmful effects of something in each of these actions. Whether it be lead in he air, or fat in the food, or microbes in the water scientists will have us believe we are doing the wrong thing.

What science doesn’t seen to take into consideration is that we are all individuals. What may work for me may not work for you. A lot of this is down to genes and our individual body metabolism. Food that I thrive on could have you putting on weight, and conversely the food you are living on could affect me in the same way.

Well we just can’t give up eating, drinking or breathing as that would be the death of all of us. So we have to take all things in moderation.

Why the Paleo Type Diet?

I can see the sense where people are saying that this is the food our bodies are designed to eat. The original hunter/gatherer’s had to live off the land, eating what was available and what they could catch to eat. But of course this lifestyle also included a lot of exercise in chasing and catching their food. So our sedentary lifestyle is against us even if we do eat paleo!

It is also noted that longevity of life was not great in these times, although a lot of this was down to disease and medical science not being what it is now.

So am I arguing against Paleo here? No I am not. I firmly believe Paleo is a very good way to go, but you have to take into consideration a great many factors if you really want to change your lifestyle.

Everybody should be accepting by now that if you want to lose weight and have a more slender body then it takes a complete lifestyle change and not just a dietary change.

Where Do I go From Here?

Well for a start you should be looking at the overall change you are going to be making, and then deciding if you are really willing to change your life to that extent.

Just following the Paleo diet and style of eating is not going to necessarily bring you to where you want to be. Yes your change of diet will help you, but remember the hunter/gatherers whose lifestyle or at least eating habits you are trying to emulate also did a lot of exercise while trying to catch the food they were eating.

You are not expected to go chasing wild animals around and hunting them down, but you do need to be carrying out some form of exercise to help you improve your lifestyle.

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