Paleo Fast Food

Paleo Fast Food

Is there such a thing as Paleo fast food? It would appear that there are some very close to paleo fast food chains, but I think you will be very hard pressed to find a truly paleo fast food meal in any restaurant. The paleo lobby seems very divided on what is and is not acceptable.

While there are those that think eating out now and then and having close to paleo foods is alright there are others that would put the opposite view. This really does leave it up to you to take the sensible choice for your own lifestyle!

The paleo fast food debate will go on and on. Perhaps one of those thinking so strongly about having paleo fast food should look into the economics of starting their own fast food chain.

paleo fast foodOne of the main problems of eating out can be making sure the meat is grass fed. This is very unlikely as the restaurants are in business to make money and so will buy the cheapest meats they can get away with. The same can be said of cooking oils.

It is up to you to study the menu and come up with the most paleo friendly meal that is available. You can always request no sauce or no butter in the preparation of your meal. Look for the gluten free menu or options if they are available. Hopefully as time progresses those running the cooked food outlets will become more paleo conscious.

If you really want paleo fast food then perhaps you should consider preparing some of your own meals and keeping them for future use. This is not going to be easy as the food will go off, but it can be frozen and used in part of a planned meal. If you are planning for the week you can do all the preparation ahead of time and then freeze those foods that are not going to keep.

You should be able to conjure up a few paleo fast food meals to use over the coming days or weeks.

Is there such a thing as paleo fast food? Probably not unless you are going to prepare and freeze a lot of foods to use in the future.

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