Paleo Diet Snacks

Paleo Diet Snacks

paleo diet snacksThere are a multitude of snacks available that you can include in your paleo diet. There are many situations when you might feel the need for a snack although if you are eating regular meals and eating enough at meal times you should not need to snack very often. If you are always wanting a snack between meals then I would suggest you take a hard long look at your meal plans and what you are eating. Perhaps you need to eat more of some food items with your regular meals.

Paleo Diet Snacks For Work

This is sometimes dependent on your work but I would suggest an emergency paleo tin in your place of work. This won’t matter if you have an office or a shop floor job. It won’t matter if most of your day is spent in a vehicle.

A tin or some tins of tuna or salmon. A mix of your favorite nuts and seeds. Some dark chocolate. Coconut flakes and possibly some coconut oil for a quick good fat fix. All these will come in handy if you miss your regular lunch for some reason.

Kids Paleo Diet Snacks

As children are generally much better with fruit than adults then it is a good idea to keep some ready for them when they need a snack.

 Simple Paleo Diet Snacks

There is nothing much simpler than fruit for a snack, but some other simple paleo diet snack ideas include an avocado and a spoon, hard boiled eggs, olives, fruit in coconut milk or even a fresh young coconut.

Paleo Diet Snacks For The Movies

If you are going for a trip to the movies then forget popcorn and sweets. Go armed with some mixed nuts that you have roasted and seasoned yourself. Make yourself a berry mix and add some coconut flakes or add some coconut flakes to some mixed dried fruit. The variations for paleo diet snacks are endless, especially if you are not a fussy eater.

Getting paleo diet snacks put together is a simple task, but often one that is neglected with the consequence of snacking on unsuitable non paleo foods!

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