Paleo Diet Nutrients

Paleo Diet Nutrients

paleo diet nutrientsPaleo diet nutrients seems to be the cause of much speculative conversation. The uninitiated always putting up arguments for the lack of essential nutrients if you follow the paleo diet. To them the only way you can get calcium is through eating dairy products. All I have to say to that is rubbish! The number of people who are willing to decry things they do not understand is quite astounding.

Paleo Diet Nutrients

Lets look at a few of these nutrients and see where they come from if you follow the paleo diet. As I have already mentioned calcium we will start with that. Calcium is essential but in the correct proportions. Many people ingest too much calcium which can inhibit the absorption of magnesium.

Good paleo calcium sources are green leafy vegetables, fish, such as salmon or mackerel and  nuts, walnuts or hazelnuts and of course eggs especially the yolks.

As we mentioned magnesium this will be our next discussion. With the paleo diet we can obtain magnesium from mineral water, nuts, halibut, espresso,  seeds and dark chocolate Swiss chard and spinach are also excellent sources.  If you are still worried you could use supplements ending in ‘ate’.

You can also absorb magnesium through the skin using magnesium oil or by bathing in epsom salts.

Manganese is another nutrient that your body needs. Nuts are a very good source of manganese with the hazelnut being the best, but other nuts such as macadamia’s, pine nuts, walnuts, and pecans are good. Shell fish also offer paleo diet nutrients that you need with mussels coming out on top.

Iron is another of those nutrients that we need, especially women. Most red meats have iron but the best is liver. Clams, oysters, octopus, shrimp, mussels and cuttlefish are also abundant in iron. Dark vegetables and dark chocolate all also iron rich foods.

It does not matter what nutrient you are talking about your paleo diet nutrients are always there. It is all about a balanced diet.

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