Paleo Diet Metabolic Typing

Paleo Diet Metabolic Typing

Paleo diet metabolic typing will not only keep your weight stable but will also have you feeling much better overall. So what is metabolic typing? The link at the bottom of this article will take you to a book that I recommend you read if you really want to get your diet on track. I will however try to explain a little more about it and how it will interact with paleo here.

paleo diet metabolic typingIt does not matter whether you are trying to loose weight or just be more healthy and feel better your results can be improved by a great amount just by making sure you are eating the foods that your body can deal with in the most efficient way. It would appear that many diets avoid this part of your metabolism because it does not fit in well with their diet recommendations. This is not true of the paleo diet as you are given plenty of options of foods that are good to eat and you can remain strictly paleo. Sometimes it is a case of health over diet.

Paleo Diet Metabolic Typing

If you do obtain the book I recommend then it will show you all the tools you need to identify your own personal body type. This will start with some multiple choice questions the answers to which will give you an immediate basic metabolic type. This will just be the starting point of your paleo diet metabolic typing. Once you have your basic typing then a series of simple techniques and self tests will help you to fine tune the diet so that it becomes specific to you and your body chemistry.

Paleo Diet Metabolic typing

Your metabolic typing can change with certain conditions. Although your genetics are pre determined by your genetic make, illness, stress, aging, sports activities, or nutrient deficiencies or excesses can cause changes in you metabolic requirements. It is important that you react to these changes when necessary.

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