Paleo Diet Breakfast

Paleo Diet Breakfast

One of the most staple breakfast foods is the humble egg. The trouble is this can become boring. The time has come to stop eating breakfast, lunch and dinner and just go to eating 3 meals a day.

Many people believe that what is traditionally called breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Lets face it if you are working it has to get you through the beginning of the day and keep you in peak form. So let the first meal of the day reflect that idea.

The paleo diet breakfast is the start of a new era in your life so while the thought of eating beef or chicken first thing in the morning may not seem very appealing I think you should not judge until you have tried it. Look at the leftovers from the previous evening meal!

Whip up a cooked meal for your first meal of the day incorporating those left over ingredients along with some fresh food you have on hand. This of course will depend on what the previous meal was, but a little meat and veg can soon be heated in the frying pan (skillet) to give you a healthy and nutritious meal.

The paleo diet breakfast can be both filling and tasty. For those with a job using a lot of manual labor there are plenty of options as there are for those who prefer a lighter breakfast. While there are no cereal dishes readily available in the stores that are paleo friendly there are recipes for paleo granola. The most obvious ready meal for breakfast is fruit, or if you have the time a simple home made fruit salad can be very fulfilling.

The Paleo Diet Breakfast

As this is considered to be the most important meal of the day I suggest you make time to have something to eat before you start a full day of work, study or even housework. If you are lucky enough to be retired then you certainly have time fir the most important meal of the day.

Paleo Diet Breakfast

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