Paleo Diet And Arthritis

Having done quite a lot of research using the internet it would appear that the Paleo Diet and Arthritis go together very well.

There are many foods listed on sites dealing with arthritis that suggest restricting the use  of certain foods will help ease the pain with some forms of arthritis.

After my research I wasn’t too clear on all of it as the sites often went against each other with some small difference in their veiws. What I did work out from this is that not all sufferers will find the same results when they make a change their dietary habits.

This really is no surprise as we all know that you have to find your own way when it comes to dieting. No diet is perfect for everyone as we all have differing metabolism, likes and genes.

Paleo Diet and Arthritis Foods

The arthritis diet suggests you eat a lot of fatty fish (high in omega 3) or any other foods high in omega 3 such as flax seeds, walnuts, soy beans, pumpkin seeds. Ok soy is not paleo so leave that one out. You should also use extra virgin olive oil. The Paleo diet and the recommended diet for arthritis do seem to look good as if they were almost made for each other.

I could go on and list all the foods that are match with the Paleo diet and arthritis. Looking at the arthritis diets that I have come across I would say with some confidence that the Paleo diet would be a very good resource for the arthritis sufferer to make use of.

The arthritis diet often tells those who suffer to avoid processed foods, dairy products, sugars and refined carbs, salt and preservatives, fried foods and corn oil. While the arthritis diet won’t tell you all the processed oils are bad they do seem to be very much in line with the Paleo diet on most things.

Again looking at the foods the arthritis diet suggests to reduce swelling we again have a lot of items that both diets agree on. The arthritis diet suggests using good oils such as extra virgin olive oil, avocado oil and grape seed oil. Yes I know there is a little argument going on about grape seed oil, but to be an arthritis sufferer following the Paleo diet this one could be left out.

Nuts, fruits and chocolate also appear in the list of foods that are arthritis and Paleo friendly.

My conclusion is that the Paleo diet and arthritis match each other and the arthritis sufferers out there would not hurt their condition by changing their dietary habits to follow the Paleo style of eating. They would in fact be improving their lifestyle.
Paleo Diet and Arthritis

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