Organic Vegetables

Organic Vegetables

organic vegetablesThe best way to ensure you eat only organic vegetables is to grow your own. Here I will give you information on 5 easy to grow vegetables that you know will be organic.

The first thing you will need is a plot of land that you can till and grow vegetables in. If you are in an apartment and you have a balcony/veranda then you can use growing pots or otherwise you can use window boxes  or even hanging baskets.

The five easy to grow organic vegetables are radishes, beets, sugar snap peas, lettuce and carrots.

Organic Vegetables

Let’s start with radishes. Sow them 1/2″ deep about 1″ apart. Keep the soil damp by watering at least twice a day. They should be ready to harvest in 4 weeks. If you sow some every 2 weeks you will have a constant harvest through the spring and summer months.

Beets/Beetroot are a good crop because you can use the leaves and the root. Plant 3seeds every 4″ 0.75″ deep. Do not over water, but keep the ground moist! Should be able to harvest in 60 to 90 Days. Don’t forget to use the leaves as well as the roots.

Sugar snap peas take a little longer to grow but are well worth the effort. They can take from 11 to 13 weeks to be ready to harvest.

Lettuce can be harvested throughout the year if you use the correct cultivars. In the warmer months it is a quick crop vegetable. By fortnightly sowings you can have a constant supply of lettuces.

Carrots are the last of the organic vegetables I am going to discuss today. The carrot is another vegetable that can be harvested throughout the year if you plant the correct types. They are usually ready to harvest after 12 to 16 weeks. The smaller carrots are usually sweeter and give a better flavor.

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