Is Paleo Right For Me

Is Paleo Right For Me?

is paleo right for meIs paleo right for me is an age old question that can be asked of any diet? Of course those promoting the diet will always say yes. I have found very few diets that take into consideration your personal metabolic requirements. So when answering the question is paleo right for me I would have to answer yes, but, only if you take into consideration your primary metabolic typing.

Too many people will follow a diet without question and without checking there own metabolic or nutritional typing. Is this really important? The answer to this could stem on your personal metabolic/nutritional typing.

The are three metabolic types when it comes to nutritional typing. There is the protein type, the carbohydrate type and the mixed type. While most diets you will come across are only designed for one particular metabolism type, you are not going to gain anything from following that diet unless you are that body type.

Is Paleo Right For Me?

Paleo is right for anyone as it contains both protein and carbohydrates in the basic diet. Once you have found your nutritional body type then you can fine tune the diet to meet your body’s needs. If like me your body is of the protein type then you can adjust what you eat to match this.

So what exactly does the body typing mean? In its simplest form if you are a protein type then your body handles proteins in a far more efficient way than it does carbs. With this body type you will want to bias the foods you are eating to include more proteins and less carbs. If you are a carbohydrate type then you need to eat more carbs as this is what your body finds easier to handle. If you are a mixed type then you need to eat carbs and protein in equal amounts.

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