Correct Foods

Correct Foods

Are you eating the correct foods, or are you just eating what you think are the correct foods. Many people follow diets blindly just doing as they are told and eating what they are told without questioning the whys and wherefores.

correct foodsIf you are following any kind of diet whether or not it is paleo  you must make sure you are eating enough of the right foods. Most diets just rationalize and do not think about the different body types and the way different people react to different foods.

If you are on a diet and you start feeling unwell you need to find the reason for the ill feeling. Perhaps you are genuinely ill and need to see a physician or maybe you have eaten something that disagrees with you. Often new diets will bring you new foods and a different taste to what you are used to.

Correct Foods

Have you radically changed the type of foods you would normally consume? Are you sure you are cooking them correctly? If you have changed your diet from being heavily biased to protein and are now heavily biased towards carbohydrates you are likely to feel unwell while your body gets used to the new regime. The same would be true if you went from a mainly carbohydrate diet to a protein one.

Perhaps since changing what you are eating has made you feel better in yourself, in which case you were probably not eating the correct foods before.

With the new foods you are eating you have to consider the preparation of those foods along with cooking of them. Are they under or over cooked? As you are not sure what some of them should taste like it is not always easy to tell by taste alone. If there are pictures of the meal you have cooked there may be pictures you can compare the dish with. If not it is a case of checking that everything you have used is fresh and has been cooked for the required amount of time.

Keep changing the foods you are eating until the foods you are using are to your taste and are agreeing with your body.(i.e. you feel well and on top of the world). You are now eating the correct foods irrespective of what any diet tells you. You can fine tune and substitute what you are eating and as long as there are no detrimental effects you can add the new food to your safe list of foods.

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