Common Paleo Mistakes People Make

Common Paleo Mistakes People Make

What are some of the common Paleo mistakes people make?

common paleo mistakes people makeWhen you switch from a standard, or I suppose what some people would call a normal, diet to a whole foods diet such as Paleo, the diet is just the first step in improving your general health.

When you first switched you may have found yourself loosing weight, (providing you were overweight in the first place), or perhaps a skin condition started to clear. Possibly you have seen an improvement in more significant health problems.

The number of success stories is truly amazing. People changing to Paleo have found some remarkable changes in their health.

Common Paleo Mistakes People Make

If we look at the other side there are those that have tried the Paleo diet and have not found any improvements or certainly not seen the success they were looking for or expecting. Perhaps they have even become less healthy after following such a strict diet!

But before you start to decry the Paleo diet look again at what you have been eating! Is your diet appropriate to you and your health as it is or should be.

Are you making any of these common Paleo mistakes?

  1.  Avoiding Carbohydrates without good reason
  2.  Not getting enough calcium
  3.  Eating the wrong type of vegetables or even eating too many vegetables
  4.  Eating too many nuts
  5.  Are you being too restrictive.

Are you eating the best diet for you?

These are just the 5 most common Paleo mistakes that people make. There are many others that are made when people try to follow the Paleo diet.

Common Paleo Mistakes People Make

You must remember that everyone has different dietary needs. These needs depend on lifestyle, environment and daily activities among other things.

As you age your dietary needs change and you need to be aware of this and change with those needs. Although it may seem scary never be afraid to experiment with your diet. As a precious commodity your health is well worth investing in.

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