Why Choose Paleo Diet

Why Choose Paleo Diet

Why choose Paleo diet? The diet route is often taken after a long look in the mirror at your why choose paleo dietprofile, but before you start hitting the diet books to see which one you think you will enjoy the most look at your overall health. How are you feeling overall? Do you have any intestinal problems?

While you may need to lose a few pounds or more, are you sure you haven’t ant health problems that could be contributing to your excess weight. Are you sure you haven’t an intolerance to any food group?

Why Choose Paleo Diet

Several diets on the market are for short term use while others are a complete lifestyle change. The short term diets are all right to use once or twice to get yourself into shape, but if you are like me and prone to weight gain then you certainly need to be looking at the diets that require a complete lifestyle change.

Having tried other diets in the past, and also due to diabetes and more recently IBS I knew I had to have a complete change.

Why Choose Paleo Diet

I did three or four questionnaires on the internet to find out what my body metabolic type was. All of the questionnaires had different questions and so the results could have been different to each other, but they were all the same answer so I had to believe them. The results I received told me I have a metabolic type of protein.

What does that mean?

In simple terms it means my body can handle protein a lot better than it can carbohydrates. To me that is a relief because my diabetes requires I cut down on carbohydrates.

Why Choose Paleo Diet

Why choose Paleo diet? Firstly it works for my way of life. Secondly, it is currently getting some bad press so the chances are it is quite good. Thirdly, I very much like the sound of being dairy and wheat free, as I think they are part of my intestinal problems.

At this point I should mention that there Paleo diet is not primarily for weight loss – this is just a by product of the Paleo way of living. Since starting living life the Paleo way I feel a whole lot better, my blood sugars have settled down for the first time in a year and yes I am also loosing weight.

Do I really need to ask why choose Paleo Diet?

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