Be A Better Paleo Cook

Be a Better Paleo Cook

How are you going to be a better paleo cook? I usually find that the people who enjoy eating food also enjoy cooking it. That is probably because they like the tastes that they can produce.

better paleo cookIf you haven’t enjoyed cooking up until now then I guess you don’t really care about food and the way it tastes. But if you really want to change your life and be totally paleo then now is the time to change your ways.

 When people who don’t really care do the cooking you can end up with a bland meal with virtually no taste. Give the same ingredients to someone who enjoys cooking and you will end up with a mouth watering meal that is anything but bland.

Experiment with herbs and spices, even just salt and pepper can make a difference to the taste of the food. We have a myriad of spices available to us from around the world. When these spices are used together you can end up with some wonderful tasting food, and I don’t mean just curry or sweet and sour. Be a better paleo cook and start enjoying the real flavor of food.

Be A Better Paleo Cook

To be a better paleo cook start out with something simple. I realize many of you don’t have 3 or more hours a day to spend preparing and cooking food. You will find top chefs that advocate keeping it simple but also tasty. Keep to recipes with very few steps and easy cooking techniques.

When fresh food is used and cooked properly you can achieve some excellent results. You don’t have to be of chef standards, in fact I think some of the cooking programs on TV prove anybody can turn out excellent food just by following simple instructions.

We just have to look at programs like Master Chef and see the amateurs succeed in professional kitchens to know we can do it if we set our minds to it.

 Be A Better Paleo Cook

Be a better paleo cook by cooking a large meal. Eat what you want for the meal you are having and freeze or refrigerate the remainder to use later. There are also many foods you can also cook ahead of time and reheat when the time comes to eat it.

You are much less likely to fall off the paleo bandwagon if you have food already prepared and on hand either in the refrigerator or the freezer. You will just need to re-heat the food that is already prepared.

Be A Better Paleo Cook

 One of your best friends can be a slow cooker or crock pot. The food is prepared and the cooker is switched on and left for several hours allowing it cook at low temperatures. So as a working person the dinner can be cooked while you are at work. You just go home and dish up a delicious meal.

As you can see you can be a better paleo cook just by changing the things you do and the way you cook the food. As always once you are used to cooking you can start experimenting with herbs and spices to really bring out the flavors of the food.

Spices should compliment the food and not completely take over the flavor.

You never know you might even enjoy cooking for the family.

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